Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. – American professional boxer, who played in the welterweight division.

Bronze medalist of the Olympic Games (1996). World champion in the 2nd semi-light (WBC version, 1998-2001), light (WBC version, 2002-2003), 1st welterweight (WBC version, 2005), welterweight (IBF version 2006; IBO , 2006; WBC version, 2006, 2007 and from 2011; WBA version, from 2014; WBO version, from 2015), 1st medium (WBC version, 2007 and from 2013; WBA, from 2012) .

The best boxer, regardless of the weight category according to Ring magazine (2005—2007, 2013—2015). The title holder is Boxer of the Year (1998, 2007) and the Return of the Year (2009) according to The Ring. BWAA Boxer of the Year (2007, 2013, 2015). The highest paid boxer in professional boxing history.

Mayweather was born in Grand Rapids, (Michigan, USA), in the family of a boxer. His father, Floyd Mayweather, Sr. Welterweight, competed with the famous Sugar Ray Leonard. His uncles (Jeff Mayweather and Roger Mayweather) were professional boxers (Roger Mayweather — Floyd’s current coach won two world championships). Floyd Mayweather Jr. bore the mother’s surname from birth, but later changed it to her father’s more famous box.

Boxing has been part of Mayweather’s life since childhood, and he never seriously considered any other kind of profession. “I think my grandmother saw my potential first,” said Mayweather. “When I was young, I told her:” I think I should get a job. ” She said: “No, just box”. ” “When I was eight or nine years old, I lived in New Jersey with my mother, and we were seven in one bedroom, and sometimes we didn’t have electricity,” said Mayweather. “When people see what I have now, they have no idea where I come from and how I got it.”

Aunt Mayweather died of AIDS, being a drug addict.

Boxing has become an outlet for Mayweather, a way to cope with his father’s absence. At a time when Mayweather Sr. was serving time in prison, his son – possessing the speed and uncanny sense of the ring – put all his strength into boxing, leaving school. “I knew what I was going to learn to try to take care of my mother, and I decided that the school was not so important for me at that time, I was going to learn how to box to make a living,” said Mayweather.

Amateur career

Mayweather in amateurs spent 90 fights. His record was 84-6. He won the national trophy of the Golden Gloves championship in 1993 (106 pounds), 1994 (114 pounds) and 1996 (125 pounds). He was nicknamed “Pretty Boy” in his amateur team, because due to defensive tactics he almost did not receive any damage in fights.

Olympic Games

At the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, won the bronze medal.

1/16 finals. Won against BakhtiarTolegenov (Kazakhstan) RSCI 1

1/8 final. Won to ArturGevorkyan (Armenia) PTS (16-3)

Quarter finals. Won at Lorenzo Aragon (Cuba) PTS (12-11)

Semifinal Lost to Seraphim Todorov (Bulgaria) PTS (9-10)

Professional career

First lightweight

Mayweather’s debut in the professional ring took place on October 11, 1996. Floyd knocked out the Mexican, the same debutant in the pro-ring, Roberto Apodaka, in the second round.

He fought with high frequency, and before the first title fight he held 17 rating fights, most of which won by knockout.

Fights for world title

On October 3, 1998, in his only 18th professional match, Floyd defeated WBC Genaro Chicanito Hernandez, the first lightweight champion on the WBC version, and immediately received the status of a boxing superstar. After the fight, the overthrown champion, who was considered one of the best boxers, regardless of weight class, said of Floyd: “I did not think that I would lose so much. He is incredibly fast and technical. ” Mayweather’s promoter Bob Arum: “Floyd is the successor of Mohammed Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Sugar Ray Leonard. He is an extraordinary boxer. ”

In December 1998, Mayweather met with Angelo Manfredi. At the end of the 2nd round, he cornered the enemy and began to beat him. A significant part of the blows missed the goal, but the referee decided to stop the fight. The stop was controversial. A few weeks later, Mayweather was named the best boxer of 1998 by Ring and Knockout magazines.

In February 1999, Mayweather successfully defeated Carlos Alberto Ramon Rios.

In May 1999, Mayweather met with Justin Juco’s Ugandan. In the 9th round, Mayweather sent Juco in the jaw with his right cross into the jaw. Juco rose to 10, but it was too late and the referee stopped the fight.

In September 1999, Mayweather defeated Carlos Heeren, and in March 2000, Grigorio Vargas.

In October 2000, Mayweather entered the ring against opponent Emanuel Burton. Mayweather dominated the whole fight. In the 9th round, he beat the enemy – almost all his blows hit the mark. Seeing this, the corner of Burton threw out a towel. Burton later changed his name to Augustes.

Diego Corrales Fight

In January 2001, Mayweather entered the ring against the unbeaten and very strong Diego Corrales. During the fight, Mayweather sent the enemy 5 times in a knockdown. In the 10th round after the 5th knockdown, the corner of Corrales threw a towel.

Fight with Carlos Hernandez

In May 2001, Mayweather met with Carlos Hernandez. Mayweather dominated the whole fight. At the end of the 6th round, Mayweather, hitting Hernandez with a right hook to the head, writhed in pain, bent down and stopped resisting. Hernandez hit him with a left hook. The referee stopped the fight and counted the knockdown to the champion. In the middle of the 12th round, Hernandez rushed at Mayweather and tried to push him through the ropes. For this, the referee took off his point. At the end of 12 rounds, the judges unanimously awarded Mayweather a victory.

Fight with Jesus Chavez

In November 2001, he met with the Mexican Jesus Chavez. In the 9th round, Chavez missed some clean kicks. Between the 9th and 10th rounds, the corner of Chavez stopped the fight. After this fight, Mayweather rose to lightweight.

A light weight

In 2002, Mayweather moved to lightweight.

Fight with Jose Luis Castillo

In April 2002, he entered the ring against WBC lightweight champion Jose Luis Castillo. Castillo surpassed Mayweather in speed. However, all three judges rated Mayweather. The unofficial judge of the HBO channel Harold Lederman decided that he had won Castillo. For the whole fight, Castillo got 203 hits, and Floyd 157. Many felt that Castillo won that fight, and Floyd gave an immediate rematch.

In December 2002, in a rematch, Mayweather confidently defeated Castillo.

In 2003, Mayweather entered the ring against Victoriano Sosa. At the end of 12 rounds, the referee gave Mayweather the victory with a crushing score. Far from all agreed with the judges’ assessments.

In November 2003, Mayweather entered the ring against Phillip Ndo. In the 7th round, Mayweather spent 3 consecutive right-handed cross-overs to Ndo’s head. Ndo fell. Mayweather got the 4th right cross over the fallen opponent. The referee immediately drove him away. The NDO went up to score 9, but did not want to continue the fight. The referee stopped the bout. After this fight, Mayweather moved to the 1st welterweight

Second lightweight

In May 2004, Mayweather met with Demarcus Corley. In the 8th round, Mayweather made a protracted attack and Corley, to get away from her, knelt down. The referee counted out the knockdown. At the beginning of the 10th round, Mayweather conducted a successful attack on the head with both hands. Corley fell to his knees. The referee counted out the 2nd knockdown. Mayweather confidently dominated the battle and won with a crushing score.

In January 2005, Mayweather entered the ring against Puerto Rican Henry Brussels. The bout was again qualifying for the WBC title in 1st welterweight. In the first 3 rounds, Floyd showered his opponent with blows, and then changed tactics. He transferred the fight to the center of the ring and began methodically trying to send an opponent to the knockdown. At the end of the 8th round, Mayweather ran two hooks through the body, and Brucelles dropped to his knee, but immediately rose. The referee counted out the knockdown. After the resumption of the fight Mayweather spent several episodes in the head. Then he pressed his opponent to the ropes and ran another series of hooks into the head with both hands, after which Brucelles fell to his knees. Brucelles was able to stand up. The referee counted down the knockdown and allowed the fight to continue. At the same time, the Puerto Rican coach approached the ring and, despite the fact that there were 5 seconds left before the end of the round, he said that he recommends to stop the fight. The referee stopped the fight.

Fight with Arturo Gatti

In June 2005, Mayweather entered the ring against world champion at the 1st welterweight version of the WBC Arturo Gatti. At the end of the 1st round, Mayweather pushed Gatti down with a dirty violation of the rules, after which Gatti stopped due to indistinct behavior of the referee and Mayweather, taking advantage of the situation, sent Gatti in a knockdown. Gatti easily got up and was outraged by the behavior of Mayweather and the inaction of the referee, the referee did not react. Mayweather had a huge advantage in all other rounds, after the 6th round, the corner of Gatti refused to continue the fight. After that, Mayweather rose to welterweight.


In November 2005, Mayweather rose to welterweight and, in a rating fight, met with former world welterweight champion Sharmba Mitchell. After dominating the first 2 rounds, in the 3rd Floyd, the right cross sent Mitchell into a knockdown. Mitchell was not shocked and stood at the expense of 4. Mayweather did not finish off the enemy. Further, Mayweather’s advantage was not in doubt, and in the 6th round, Floyd right-wing sent Sharmbou to the floor for the second time in a fight. The referee counted to 9. Mitchell got the score 10, but it was late, the referee stopped the fight, when Sharmba, still leaning on the ropes, writhed in pain. Mitchell was trying to prove that the blow was struck below the belt, but numerous repetitions showed the opposite.

Fight with Zab Judah

In April 2006, the battle of two techies: Floyd Mayweather and IBF world welterweight champion Zab Judah took place. At stake was also the vacant IBO title. In the first 4 rounds, Judah had an advantage, but since the 5th Mayweather fell in with the lefty opponent. Floyd gradually won the advantage, which resulted in the enemy’s broken nose in the 7th round. In the 10th round, Judah struck below the belt and then to the back of Mayweather, bent from the pain. Seeing this, Floyd’s uncle and trainer Roger Mayweather ran into the ring, rushing to the referee. People from the corner of Judah also ran into the ring, a scuffle ensued. Soon their example is followed by everyone who stood near the ring or simply passed by. Jude himself also struck a couple of blows to someone. The police managed to clear the ring. For the invasion of the ring, Roger Mayweather, as the most extreme, is removed from the hall. The fight continued. In the remaining 2 rounds, Mayweather brings the meeting to its logical conclusion. At the end of the 12th round, he gives up and mentally shows Jude to his chin. At the end of the battle the victory was awarded to Floyd by unanimous decision. After the fight, Mayweather said that at the beginning of the fight he had injured his right arm, which prevented him from winning ahead of schedule.

Fight with Carlos Baldomir

In November 2006, Mayweather met with WBC welterweight title holder Carlos Baldomir. Baldomir tried unsuccessfully to neutralize Mayweather with a constant pressure and a large number of blows ejected, but Floyd’s speed was much higher. The fight lasted all 12 rounds with a total advantage of Mayweather. At the end of the bout, all the judges unanimously gave the victory to Mayweather. After the fight, Floyd admitted that he injured his right arm during the fight.

First middle weight

Fight with Oscar De La Hoya

In May 2007, Mayweather went against the famous and very strong world champion in the 1st WBC middleweight champion Oscar De La Hoya. Mayweather was a favorite in this fight. The aged Oscar was given little chance of winning. Unexpectedly for all, De La Hoya looked very good, throwing out multi-hit combinations and more than once got the American. Unlike most of Mayweather’s rivals, Oscar did not fail. Mayweather in the 2 half of the fight he rushed to the attack. After round 9, Oscar’s stamina sat down, although Mayweather was also noticeably tired, 10 and 11 rounds were very close, but Floyd looked a little better. At the end of the 12th round Oscar struck a series of punches to the head, Mayweather did not defend himself and entered the open wheelhouse, missing a couple of punches. Mayweather became the champion in the 5th weight category, although many experts noted that so many shots Mayweather did not miss in his entire career.

Fight with Ricky Hatton

In December 2007, the battle of two undefeated boxers took place – American Floyd Mayweather and British Ricky Hutton. The first rounds were held in equal fight. Hatton aggressively started the fight and in his inherent style tried to work in close range. However, Mayweather’s speed allowed the American to act successfully ahead of the curve. In the 3rd round, Hatton earned a cut over the right eye. In the 4th round, Mayweather managed to deliver several precise shocks that shook the British. In the 6th round, the referee took one point from Hutton for hitting the back of the head. From the middle of the fight, Mayweather began to dominate. In the 8th round, Mayweather outboxed the enemy in all respects, clearly demonstrating how to act against the tactics of the British. In the 9th round, Floyd took a short pause and the meeting leveled off. Toward the middle of the 10th round, Mayweather went into the corner. Hatton walked on it. Mayweather hit him in the jaw with an exact, counter-left hook. Hatton butted the rack and fell backwards. He managed to rise to the score of 8. Mayweather wanted to build on his success, but Hutton began to clinch. The referee separated them. Mayweather spent two left hooks in a row in Hatton’s jaw, the British leaned on the ropes, Floyd began to finish him off. The referee stopped the attack of the American. At this time, Hatton fell back again, and the referee stopped the fight. At the same time from the corner of the British flew white towel. Until the moment the fight stopped, Mayweather was the leader on the notes of all three judges by a wide margin: 89-81 (twice) and 88-82.

Fight with Juan Manuel Marquez

In September 2009, after a two-year hiatus, Mayweather returned to boxing. His first rival after his return was the Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez. The fight took place in the intermediate weight category and was titular.

Mayweather, who looked much bigger and faster than Marquez in battle, was able to send his opponent to the floor in the 2nd round already in the 2nd round and prevailed in almost every episode of each round. Marquez tried to attack, but Mayweather acted on the lead, and constantly counterattacked the Mexican. At the end of the fourth round, Floyd inflicted a cut on Juan Manuel. In the course of the fight Mayweather constantly boasted and mocked the Mexican. At the end of the bout, all the judges awarded the victory to Mayweather with a crushing score.

For the fight, Mayweather received $ 10 million excluding ppv (paid broadcasts). Marquez received $ 3.2 million excluding ppv.

Battle with Shane Mosley

In May 2010, Mayweather met with stellar and very strong WBA Welterweight supertitle title holder Shane Mosley. The fight was non-title. The fight began nervously and somewhat messy, each of the boxers tried to provoke the opponent to attack in order to counterattack. The starting round turned out to be close, but Mosley was a little better, putting several hard jabs right on target. In the second three minutes, there was a real sensation: Mosley got on the right and shook Mayweather, who immediately began to knit his opponent. After a few seconds, an even more powerful right from Shane bent Floyd’s legs. Mosley tried to finish off, but did not act too effectively and constantly fell into Mayweather’s arms. Floyd “survived” exceptionally skillfully, so he lasted until the gong. During the break, Mayweather completely moved away from the shock. Starting from the next round, Floyd adapted to the style of the opponent, went ahead and seized the initiative. In the future, Floyd only increased the advantage. Rounds from the 3rd to the 11th were similar to one another and were held under the full control of Mayweather. At times, Floyd’s superiority was simply overwhelming, and in most episodes, Shane just looked helpless.

Mayweather’s main weapon was extremely fast and accurate single straight lines to the right of the distance: Floyd’s crosses shook Mosley’s head over and over again, which clearly did not have time to react to the opponent’s blows. The second half of the fight turned almost into a one-sided beating of Shane. Mayweather’s calibrated, surgically precise blows in the bud destroyed all enemy attempts to prepare an effective attack. However, Floyd still did not have the power to shook Mosley at least once. However, as the battle progressed, Shane’s head accumulated tonnage. In the second half of the 12th round, Mosley embarked on a “spurt of last resort” in an attempt to knock out an opponent. But Mayweather managed not only to avoid the desperate blows of his counterpart, but also to win the final three minutes, although not with such a crushing advantage, as the previous 9 rounds. Thus, all the successes of Shane remained in the first 2 rounds, which was reflected in the judges’ notes: all three judges recorded a great advantage of the still unbeatable Floyd Mayweather: 119-109 (twice) and 118-110.

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