How to Bet on Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is retired. Floyd Mayweather is considered by many, to be retired. Floyd Mayweather may never retire. He might do like Mike Tyson.

All of the above statements hold true to some degree. The 50-0 pugilist, seemingly can never be counted out. This is because if there is something Floyd Mayweather Jr. has made very clear over his flawless and illustrious career, is that there is a price for everything. Shove enough money his way and Floyd Mayweather Jr. might even go on to fight his own family if the numbers are right.

In his most recent and last boxing match, he took on UFC titan Conor McGregor. Whilst many knew it would be a one sided battle, the money offered to Floyd Mayweather Jr. was too attractive to pass on. Many speculate this will continue to happen in the future, as long as the money on the table is worth Floyd risking his perfect record over.

Betting on Floyd

Floyd Mayweather has made as many people broke as he has rich. Very rarely, and nearly unheard of, does a fighter or boxer go on to win all of his fights. And whilst many wait for his demise, the opportunity to bank on his loss seems to be impossible. 50 fights, 50 wins means that you should never bet against this legendary boxer. Some however would agree that age catches up to all of his.

Should we see him again in the ring, it’s hard to say whether he’s in a real risk of losing his perfect record – it’s less about Floyd Mayweather Jr. performing and more to do with his opponent being skillful enough. Many have learnt the hard way not to bet against one of the greatest of all time.