Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Floyd Sinclair February 24, 1977, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA) is an invincible American welterweight professional boxer. Repeated world champion in different versions in the second semi-light, easy, first semi-moderate, semi-average, first middle weight. The best boxer of 1998 and 2007 according to the magazine The Ring.

Floyd mayweather record is :Amateurs spent 90 fights, won 84 wins and only 6 defeats. Already in the amateurs, they chose the right tactics, which did not allow the opponent to strike striking. For such a style of battle, he received the nickname “Pretty Boy”. At the Olympic Games in Atlanta won a bronze medal. In the semi-final, the Bulgarian boxer SerafimTodorov lost to a controversial decision. The American team unsuccessfully appealed.

Mayweather vs Judy

The battle took place on April 8, 2006 in Las Vegas in the midweek weight. The title was IBF and IBO champion. For the first time Zab Judah he had the advantage, but by the end of the battle he was at speed. In the 10th round, an incident happened. Judah struck the rival below the belt, and then back to the back. The Mayweather team did not hold back emotions, and its representatives ran into the ring. The knock was set, but later the situation was fixed and the duel continued. According to the unanimous decision of the judges and the new champion, Floyd Mayweather became.

Mayweather vs Hutton

After defeating Oscar De La Hoya, Mayweather decided to waive his WBC title in the first middleweight champion’s waist in the welterweight championship. On July 27, 2007, it was announced that Mayweather would withdraw from his short retirement to meet with the invincible British champion The Ring Ricky Hutton. The organization of the fight was engaged in Mayweather Promotions Mayweather Promotions and De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions. This battle has promise to be the biggest welterweight event since 1999, when Oscar De La Hoya and Felix Trinidad met. On August 17, it was announced that it will take place in the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

The fight took place on December 8th, and Floyd Mayweather won the victory confidently. In the first round, Hatton captured a rival to the left jab, which somewhat beat Mayweather out of balance. Ricky kept going forward all the time, causing the Americans some discomfort. However, in the third round, the champion had a good right blow that cut Hatton’s eyebrow over his right eye. In the sixth round, Judge Joe Cortez shot the British one point for a kick in the back. Mayweather began to feel the fatigue of the opponent and increasingly caught him on counterattacks. In the tenth round, Hatton rushed to an opponent who stood in the corner, but missed the left hook that sent him to the knockdown, after which he got into the score. Mayweather rushed to his opponent, but the Briton began climbing, saving himself. After the referee dispersed them, he missed two more powerful hooks in the jaw that threw him on the ropes. Floyd tried to finish it, but the referee did not allow him to do it, stopping the fight. At the same time, Hatton’s team threw a white towel in the ring. The British have suffered their first defeat in the career. At the time of the stop of the fight Mayweather confidently won on the referee cards: 88-82, 89-81, 89-81.

He also announced that he was completing his professional career in order to concentrate on his promoter company, and would have Hatton become his first client. This battle has collected 920,000 PPV purchases.

Mayweather vs Marquez

On May 2, 2009, it was announced that Floyd Mayweather decided to return to the big box after finishing his career 21 months ago. His opponent on July 18 was the Mexican lightweight champion The Ring and No. 2 of the P4P rank Juan Manuel Marquez. Before the signing of the contract there were long negotiations that were related to the weight in which the fight will take place. Marquez never climbed above 135 pounds, and his last fight was 130 pounds. Mayweather wanted to fight at 147 pounds, the weight of which he played since 2005. In order to reduce the difference in the size of boxers, the fight decided to hold in an intermediate weight of 144 pounds. During the training Mayweather injured an edge, which made the fight neglected on September 19 of that year. During the weighting procedure, Marquez’s weight was 142 pounds, and Mayweather’s 146 pounds, exceeding the agreed weight of 2. Meeveser had to pay $ 300,000 for every extra pound. However, later it became known that several days before the battle, the contract was amended, allowing Mayweather to weigh up to 147 pounds, but he still agreed to pay compensation to Marquez.

The first round went with the advantage of an American who used his fast jab. In the second round, Mayweather retreated back to the left hook, who sent the opponent to a knockdown. Marquez immediately got up and came to the senses. The fourth round also went under the total advantage of the American, almost every one hit him to the goal. At the end of this round, Marquez got a small cut above the right eye. In the middle rounds, Floyd continued to dominate, primarily due to his speed. Marquez just did not have time to hit him. Indicative was the moment in the seventh round, when Mayweather was driven to the ropes, but due to his movement, came out of this situation. When Floyd missed the strike, he smiled grimly at the rival. The American tried to dismay and bring out the experienced Marquez. At the end of round 8, he approached the ropes and began to call his opponent. The Mexican rushed with a lot of powerful blows, but when Gong Mayweather spoke, he just smiled again. In subsequent rounds, Floyd Mayweather stats, in spite of Marquez’s efforts, completely rebooted it. The judges gave the victory to the Americans: 120-107, 119-108, 118-109.

This battle has collected 1,100,000 PPV purchases and raised $ 52 million to its organizers. The boxers themselves guaranteed earnings: $ 10 million Meivzer and $ 3.2 million Marquez.

Mayweather vs Cotto

On November 2, 2011, Leonard Ellerbe announced that Floyd Mayweather’s next fight will take place on May 5, 2012 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Arena. After another unsuccessful talks with the Filipino Manny Pacquiao, the boxer decided to try again to win the title in the fifth weight category for himself. On February 1, 2012, it was announced that the American rival will be the Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto. He was not only the WBA (Super) champion in the first medium weight, but also No. 1 in this weight category, according to the magazine Ring. Contributed to the organization of this battle that Cotto ended with a contract with Bob Arum Top Rank and he began collaborating with the Golden Boy. The WBC has put its diamond belt in this battle, which it plays only among the top boxers.

On May 5, Floyd Mayweather won the unanimous decision by improving his record to 43 – 0. For Cotto this defeat was the third in his career. Most of the battle was equal, thanks to the efforts of the champion. The start of the match was in the manner typical for Mayweather, he gave the center of the ring and focused on counterattacks. Due to the advantage of speed and excellent timing, the Americans managed to avoid the opponent’s attacks and cause sharp painful attacks. Cotto, in turn, pressed a lot, imposing a power box that forced Mayweather to always be around the ropes. So in the 4th round, Miguel managed to strike several times with the body and opponent’s head several times. The hardest thing for Mayweather was the 5th round, in which Cotto drove him into a corner and inflicted a huge amount of strikes. The Puerto Rican attempted to box in the middle and middle distances, as soon as the distance increased, he began to lose to a more technical rival. Mayweather lowered the pace of the match and bagged Cotto in the middle rounds. From 8 to 11 rounds there was a spectacular confrontation of the styles: Cotto, who is constantly moving forward, and Mayweather, who was looking for a defensive opponent. Round 12 easily took Floyd, who managed to make a combination in the head of an opponent, which shook him, but he stood up. Judge bill: 118-110, 117-111, 117-111 in favor of an American. After the battle, Mayweather told Cotto that he was the toughest fighter he had ever met.

Mayweather vs Alvarez

On September 14, 2013, a combined battle took place in the first heart of the weight. Mayweather defended his championship waist according to the WBA Super, and Saul Alvarez champions WBC and The Ring. This battle has become the most cumbersome in history. The profit from paid broadcasts was $ 150 million. The reason for such profit was a grand PR company. Boxers have visited a lot of American and Mexican cities. Many American stars have visited this duel. Alvarez did not manage to oppose an experienced American. Floyd completely overbought the opponent in each of the rounds, but only two of the three judges gave him a victory. The third referee determined the draw. Alvarez suffered the first defeat in his career. Total Battle Score: 114-114, 117-111, 117-111.

Mayweather vs Maidan I

May 3, 2014 Floyd Mayweather met with Argentinean WBA champion Marcos Maidana. The first half of the battle turned out to be competitive. Independence Square often managed to press Mayweather to the ropes and strike hard. However, after Round 8, the Maidan began to show signs of fatigue, and Mayweather took control of the battle. One of the judges counted that the match was equal, but two others gave victory to Mayweather. The bill of judges’ notes: 117-111, 116-112, 114-114. Maidana in the after-match interview expressed confidence that he won the battle. In the statistics of the CompuBox strikes, in the battle with Marcos Maidana, Floyd Mayweather missed the greatest number of strikes in his career – 221. Floyd himself had spent more than 9 punches more than 230. But because of thrown throws, the advantage was on the side of the Maidan – 858 against 426 by Mayweather. Floyd was the most accurate in his actions, respectively.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao

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This duel was preceded by very long negotiations lasting about 6 years. However, there were contradictions that could not be achieved through agreements. New talks began at the end of 2014, and on February 20, an American boxer officially announced that the battle would take place on May 2.

On May 2, 2015, one of the most anticipated fights in boxing history took place. The titles of the WBO, WBC, WBA (Super), The Ring, as well as the first place of the P4P, were on the horse. The victory was unanimous decision of judges Floyd Mayweather. This fight has become the most casual in the history of boxing.

Mayweather vs McGregor

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On August 26, 2017, a fight between Floyd Mayweather and a mixed-style fighter, current UFC Lightweight Champion Conor MacGregor, took place. The battle took place according to boxing rules. Mayweather won the TKO in the 10th round.

In the press, the fight was titled The Money Fight (“The Money Fight”), or “the most expensive battle in history,” as the organizers earned $ 600 million on it, and the fees were $ 100 million and $ 30 million. respectively winner and defeated.